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Communicating with the Fischertechnik InterfaceGerman flag

I. Parameters of the control port:

Baudrate 9600
Bit 8
Parity no
Stopbits 1

II. Communication

There are two byte necessary to control the interface via the serial port. The first byte is the interface command ( see below ) which tells the interface what to send as reply. The second byte describes which motor should work and in which direction. The interface sends one or three bytes according to the interface command.

1. Byte: Commands to the Interface

binary hex decimal description
11000001 C1 193 only Input condition (E1..E8)
11000101 C5 197 Input condition and analog value EX
11001001 C9 201 Input condition and analog value EY

2. Byte: motor state

Bit description
1 motor 1 left
2 motor 1 right
3 motor 2 left
4 motor 2 right
5 motor 3 left
6 motor 3 right
7 motor 4 left
8 motor 4 right

It is possible to operate all 4 motors. If the left bit and right bit of the same motor is set, this motor will refuse to operate.

III. Answers from the interface:

command answers description
193 one byte every bit represents one input
197 three byte 1. byte see above 2. und 3. byte analog value EX
201 three byte 1. byte see above 2. und 3. byte analog value EY

In order to programm the interface you have to use loops. The interface needs a command every 300 ms otherwise the motors are turned off.

You can download examples of programms of the following programming languages:

HP VEE Beispielprogramme C++ Beispielprogramme Visual Basic Beispielprogramme
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